Friday: Lake Dora Loop

8:15 am start : A terrific warm up for the weekend. This year we will go south out of Mount Dora and re-enter town via beautiful Lakeshore Drive near the end of the route. There are a couple of miles on Sadler Road where there is no shoulder, so please be careful and ride single file. The speed limit for cars is 55mph. You will find a set of RRX at mile 8.8 so use extreme caution; they are on a bad angle and you will need to go into the middle of your lane to cross safely. Once you get past this part of the route, you will find a nice shoulder to tuck into and enjoy the rest of the ride.

Just before the rest stop you will cross Hwy 19 (wait on the green light please) and into what the locals call the Little Pyrenees for some fun rolling hills.

Ride Level: Easy   Elevation: 600’   Miles: 25   Route Marker: Tri-Fri-Green

There is one rest stop on this route: Hospice
Turn right into the park for 1000 feet to find the nice, shady Rest Stop – complete with indoor rest rooms!

  Cornerstone Hospice / Mile 16    Open 8:30am – 12:30pm